Digital Transformation Execution & Coaching

Enterprises of all sizes are seeing what it really means to harness the disruptive power of data including inventing new business models, new customer experiences, emerging technologies, and entirely new markets. To effectively harness the power of data, you need the right experts.  A expert Proact consultant can engaged at a range for a few days, months or as a retainer such as 5-20 days per month over a one-year period. The support can provided either on-site at the customer location or telecommuting from the consultants office. 

A Proact Business Architect is a highly skilled consultant focused on ensuring your success. With deep and broad experience building, designing, and implementation experience they maximize the value of your investment in systems and technology.  As a named, dedicated resource, a Business Architect provides a consistent engagement point for all aspects of your Transformation environment.

A Proact Business Transformation Coach is a valuable addition to your internal IT team and is a trusted advisor driving the successful utilization of your strategy. Although a Business Transformation Coach’s engagement points will vary depending on your specific internal structure and needs, (s)he will work closely with your governance teams, business line IT architects and data management leaders. During a Business Transformation Coach’s engagement, (s)he will:

  • Liaise with your architects, technical teams, and both Business & IT leadership across the organization
  • Fully understand your project portfolio, proactively addressing emerging functional and technical requirements
  • Assess current and planned utilization of your systems and technology scope
  • Provide Best Practices and recommendations for implementation of the Proact software toolkit
  • Identify opportunities to tune and optimize the existing Platform workload
  • Provide the single point of contact for resolution of technical issues


Digital Transformation Coach skills and experienced
  • They have Business Architecture training and experience
  • They can shape digital monetization plans and financial business cases
  • They have a breadth of technology experiences to enable a wide range of data-driven initiatives
  • They have execution skills to help project managers with best practices
  • They can communicate architecture artifacts to design teams
Benefits of Digital Transformation Coach
  • Accelerate all digital transformations by facilitating faster decisions that execute business strategy
  • Improve business agility by enabling the business to pivot fast in response to change
  • Focus resources on value creation by streamlining processes to free up talent
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