Digital Transformation Starts Now

Data and computer automation enable new types of innovation and creativity that goes beyond simple enhancements of traditional methods.

The Proact Digital Transformation approach uses a comprehensive solution (PROACT Toolkit) to create a Business Architecture that supports Business, Strategy, Operations and Technology innovations in the context of any enterprise.

The PROACT Toolkit includes:
  1. The Proact Framework with four views (B, S, O, T) including the Reference Models for each view and their relationships.

  2. The Transformation Methodology defining the steps to produce:
    • Reference Models.
    • Baseline Models.
    • Target Models.
    • Transformation Program

  3. The library of industry specific Reference Models (ACME) including:
    • Business Models.
    • Strategy Components.
    • Operations Models.
    • Technology Models.

  4. A Digital Platform (BusinessGraph) with modeling, repository and reporting capabilities to enable planners, architects and implementation teams to optimize the information throughout the transformation process.

About us

Proact is based on a unique software Toolkit to fast-track Digital Transformation initiatives. The result accelerates customers Business Architecture capabilities which is a key recipe for success.

Our vision

To be the leading Digital Transformation Firm by providing unprecedented innovative services.

Business architecture: “a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.”

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